Special Needs Ministry

PURE LIFE Ministry 
  • Perfectly created by a loving sovereign God, designed for His purpose.
  • Unique in his or her own gifts, blessings, talents, desires and contributions.
  • Receptive and responsive to our communication, touch, and acts of love.
  • Eternal, because there are no Disabled Souls in God’s eyes.


FBCKC Special Needs Ministry

Our Special Needs Ministry fosters an environment of inclusion that brings Christ’s love and value to each person. We have a heart to reach those who have been affected by any form of disability in our church and beyond.

Sunday Morning Life Group Service

9am-10 am at the East Campus lower level (an elevator is available)

This service is for those with a disability or special need in 7th grade and above. This service includes fellowship, intimate worship, an interactive Bible-based message, an optional morning snack, and a variety of other activities and games for everyone to enjoy.  Doors open for check-in at 8:45 am.


Annual PURE Life Christmas Party filled with songs, gingerbread, house decorating, pizza, cookies, and the Grinch movie
Fishing with CHANCES of Stone County:

Up and Coming Events:

  • Night to Shine Prom February 7, 2020

Special Needs & Disability Ministry Resources:

Stone County Developmental Discomability Board website:


CHANCES of Stone County website:



God designed the Church to function like a Body wherein every member is important and needed. That includes people with special needs or challenges. These resources can help you understand and better serve people and their families affected by disabilities.

Click on a tab below to view a list of resources for a general understanding of disabilities and a special needs ministries or take a look at some specific challenges. You’ll also find other helps.

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General Information on Special Needs



Organizations with Disabilities Ministries

Info about Specific Challenges

Attention Deficit – ADD, ADHD


Deaf Ministry