January 2017




November 2016

Come & See Evangelism – 11/20/16

  Come And See Evangelism John 1:35-1:51 The basic principles of come and see evangelism?I. Recognize a Prospect (who should come?).II. Refer a Person (who should they see).III. Remember a purpose (why should they come and see).  

A Bright Vision In A Dark Time – 11/6/16

            A BRIGHT VISION IN A DARK TIME! Isaiah 6:1-8   1. God’s Greatness 1-42. God’s Goodness vs Man’s Unworthiness 5-6 3. God’ Provisions 7-8

October 2016

We Have A Heart Condition In America – 10/16/16

    WE HAVE A HEART CONDITION  IN AMERICA? Ezekiel 36:25-32     I. A Defiled Land (36:17) II. A Heart of Stone (36:26) III. A heart of flesh (36:26b)   In this change of natures there are FIVE distinct events: *Restoration to god (v. 24). *Cleansing from sin (vv. 25–26). *The indwelling of the […]

Giants In Our Lives – 10/9/16

      GIANTS IN OUR LIVES   1 Samuel 17:17-52   How to defeat the GIants:   1. Secure the facts ( 17:17-21) 2. Steady Your Focus  ( 17:28-39) 3. Stand In Your faith   (17:40-52) 4. Slay the GIant

Lessons for a Life of Faith – 10/2/16

      Lesson for a Life of Faith Genesis 12:10-13:4 I. Realize that Faith Matures through Challenging Circumstances (12:10)           A. The Challenging Circumstance       B. The Challenge Clarified   II. Realize that the greatest enemy to the life of faith is fear (12:10b-16)      A. Fear will begin to speak louder […]

September 2016

I’ve Got Your Back – 9-26-16

I Got Your Back Exodus 3:1-3:15   I. God tells Moses … “I will be with you.” (Exodus 3:12)   II. Pay attention to the burning bushes.

Guest Preacher Will Crum 9-18-16