“ONE” Testimony – What’s Your Story – 5/15/16

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“ONE” Testimony :  

What’s Your Story?

John 9, Rev 12:10,11


 In the beginning of the movie pretty woman there is a man walking across the street talking to everyone and no one. He says welcome to Hollywood what’s your dream everyone has a dream welcome to Hollywood keep on dreaming what’s your dream.  I want to change that just a little . This morning I want to simply talk with everyone and no one in particular and say welcome, Welcome to Jesus what is your story, everyone has a story, keep on telling your story.


IT is so important that we continue to tell our story

Rev 12:20,11      They overcome the accuser of the brethren  by the blood of the lamb ( Jesus part) and by the word of their testimony ( that is our part) telling our story.

Join me today in John chapter 9 here we find a man that has had a CEJ  close encounter with Jesus. He was blind but now can see. Didn’t understand much about the how

but he sure understood the who.  What we find is his personal testimony to various people. In his testimony we can model ours. Today we shall see 5 directions for each of our testimonies.

    1. Personal Command 6-7

    It all begins when the man met Jesus. Jesus told him what it would take to make his sight restored. Why didn’t Jesus just speak his blindness away? It is my opinion he does this to show the power of personal obedience and simple faith.

    Today we all are saved the same way through coming to Jesus Christ in obedience and repentance.

  2.  Personal Confirmation 7b-12

The man did what Jesus said and Jesus did what he said he would.  The result was immediate and evident. His neighbors saw the immediate confirmation.

A new creation was born. He was different
  1. Personal Challenge 13-22

Some will always challenge your story. Here the Pharisee the religious uppity ups just could see how it could happen without their being a part. They even talked with his parents. I love what they said ask the boy for yourself he is of age. 

He was blind  but now he can see. Must be a hoax, must be after something

People will always laugh because they cant see. They are spiritually blind and this is foolishness to them. And for some spiritual ones they will mock because it doesn’t fit their mold of how Jesus works.

Some will say I don’t have a story I have been in church 9 months before birth, perfect attendance many years, saved early lived for Jesus ever since.  I was not a drunk, druggy, adultery, or a thief.

You have the most powerful testimony of any. Look at what Jesus has protected you from


  1. Personal Change 23-33

The Pharisee ask the boy. How could this happen who could have done this . it could not be true. Look in 25  he says I don’t know much about this man whether he is a sinner or not but what I do know is I was blind now I see.  

I know what I was like and now I know what I am in Him. Folks this cannot be disputed.  People can argue various doctrine, various ordinances, but one thing they cant argue is the difference the change Jesus has made in your life because you are proof.


  1. Personal Conclusion 35-38

Here the man follows Jesus and believes in him. Trust him and from that receives the blessings of being a child of the king.  My testimony is power to all who challenge and it is victorious to the accuser who wants to beat me down.

I simply remind him of not who I am but what Jesus has done in my life to gain victory.