Excelling in Grace Giving – 8/16/15

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Excelling in Grace Giving
2 Corinthians 8&9  (9:6-8)
14 principals to excel in grace giving
Principal 1. Outward circumstances and difficulties should not inhibit generosity in giving. (1-4)
Principal 2.  All financial giving should be preceded by self-giving (5)
Principal 3.  Believers should seek to excel in the grace of giving.  (6-7)
Principal 4.  Worthy stewardship goals should be brought to completion. (8:6)
Principal 5. Generous giving gives evidence of the sincerity of one’s love. (8-9)
Principal 6.  There is a connecting link between “the grace of God” and “the grace of giving”. (8-9)
Principal 7. A willingness to give is more important that the amount given.  (12)
Principal 8. In the economy of God, the sufficiency of some ministers to the deficiency of others. (13-15)
Principal 9. The expenditure of God’s money should be done judiciously (16-21)
Principal 10.  Generous spiritual giving will have a positive influence on others giving. (9:1-2)
Principal 11. The attitude in which a gift is given is of utmost importance to God: give cheerfully and willingly , not grudgingly. (9:5-7)
Principal 12.   Generosity moves the heart of God to supply more seed and meet all needs. (8-11)
Principal 13.  Generosity will result in praise and thanksgiving to God.  (11-14)

Principal 14.  Generous giving is the natural response to God’s indescribable gift.  (15)