Don’t Give Up on America! 7/5/15

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Proverbs 14:34, 2 Chronicles 7:14,
Psalms 1:1

I. The Righteousness of a Nation “Righteousness…”

1. It Implies Sovereignty
2. It Implies a Standard

3. It Implies a Straightness

II. The Reward of a Nation “…exalteth a nation…”

1. The Exalted Nation is Set-Apart 

2. The Exalted Nation is Safe 

3. The Exalted Nation is Strong 
II. The Revolt of a Nation “…but sin…”
1. Sin is an Undisciplined Aim
2. Sin is an Unwise Assurance
3. Sin is Ungrateful Actions

IV. The Reproach of a Nation “…is a reproach…”

1. Judgement

2. Dishonored
3. Defeated