Ministry Center Policies and Procedures

General Use Policies and Procedures


The purpose of the Ministry Center of First Baptist Church Kimberling City is:

? To support, strengthen, and complement the purpose of FBCKC to: Reach the lost, Prepare the saints, Magnify the Lord.

? To provide a location for a variety of intentional ministries focused on impacting our community for Christ.

? To provide a location where recreation and fitness activities can take place in a Christian environment and atmosphere.


The purpose of these Policies and Procedures is to provide a guide for usage for individual daily fitness activities. It is not necessarily meant to be a guide for usage during full church activities, scheduled meetings, outreach activities, etc.



Because our purpose is to impact our community for Christ, the dress of those using the Ministry Center of FBCKC will be of the highest Christian standards. Modest apparel will be appropriate for the activities in which one is involved.


? If one wears tights, leggings, leotards, or biking/compression shorts he/she must also wear shorts over them. Shorts are to be at least fingertip length.

? Shirts must be worn at all times. Sports bras must be covered by t-shirts.

? Only sleeved t-shirts will be allowed. No tank tops, no shirts that bare the midriff, no cut out t-shirts or shirts that show the ribs.

? Appropriate athletic footwear is recommended in the facility at all times. (Exception: when involved in a supervised activity that requires or allows one to be without shoes.)

? No open-toed shoes are allowed in the exercise equipment room or on the track.

? Attire with offensive, suggestive or abusive words or images will not be allowed nor will any attire that advertises prohibited items (see “Prohibited Items and Actions” under the Conduct heading).

? Staff of the Ministry Center of FBCKC, paid and volunteer, will have the right to make decisions, at his or her discretion, about appropriate attire and may ask a participant in the Ministry Center to modify their attire or leave.



The conduct of those using the Ministry Center of FBCKC is expected to be Christ-honoring and conducive to achieving the goals and purposes of the facility. The Ministry Center will provide a safe and clean environment in which participants can grow in Christian character along with developing in the physical activities in which they choose to take part. Those seeking use of the facility will agree to conduct themselves according to the guidelines within this manual as a condition of their admission.


? Staff members of FBCKC and the Ministry Center are responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of all rules and policies associated with the Ministry Center.

? Rule infractions or violations of policies will be handled in the following ways:

o Warning and explanation of rules or policies.

o Suspension of privileges. Willful or continued violation of policies and procedures of the Ministry Center of FBCKC can result in a participant having his/her privileges in the Ministry Center revoked. Reinstatement of those privileges will only be considered after consultation with staff of FBCKC.

o Notification of, or conference with, parents (for those in high school and below).

o Major infractions will be recorded in a written report.

o Serious discipline issues or problems will be brought before the pastoral staff of FBCKC for resolution.

o Participants who have a loss of privileges due to disciplinary action are not entitled to refund of any prepaid usage or class fees.

? Prohibited items and actions:

o Jumping or throwing items from the track down to the gym floor.

o Climbing on or hanging from basketball goals or nets.

o Inappropriate or offensive language, gestures, or printed material. Participants are asked to behave courteously toward one another (Matthew 7:12).

o Audio/visual media that is not staff-approved.

o Use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or any other controlled substance (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

o Weapons, explosives, or flammable liquids

o Behavior or conduct that is intentionally meant to abuse, harass, intimidate, or threaten others.

o Fighting, physically or verbally, with other participants or staff.

o Intentional invasion of the privacy of others.

o Animals of any kind (with the exception of service animals as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act).

? Food and drink are only allowed in designated areas. The track, exercise equipment room, and any rooms used for exercise classes are “WATER ONLY” areas. Water bottles must have a top.

? The staff of FBCKC and the Ministry Center, paid and volunteer, have the right to say “no” or “stop” to participants in the Ministry Center. Participants are expected to follow their directions.

? The staff of FBCKC reserves the right to refuse service or admittance to the Ministry Center to anyone who purposefully or continually violates any policies or rules.



All entry and exit is to be through the main Ministry Center doors from the parking lot at track level. Side doors on both levels are for emergency egress only. General use will include access to the track, fitness equipment room, gym floor, and locker rooms. Access to other rooms may be allowed for specific classes or scheduled activities. Access may be changed based upon the schedule of church activities. Access to the fitness areas of the Ministry Center will be through the use of proximity scan cards which will be issued according to the guidelines below.  The Ministry Center of FBCKC is an extension of the ministry, mission, and purpose of FBCKC.  Access card fees collected will be used to offset the operating expenses of the Ministry Center.


? Access

o Access card fees are $5 per person per month and may be paid monthly or annually.

o Maximum fee for a family is $15 per month

o Fees will be evaluated periodically and adjustments may be necessary to help defray the cost of operation of the Ministry Center and maintain budget neutrality.

o Only those age 16 and older will be issued an access card.

o Family members include husband/father, wife/mother, and children living in the same household as dependents, as claimed on their IRS documents.  A college student who is away at school but still maintains a permanent residence address with his/her parents is allowed under this guideline

o Access for non-Church members will be during posted hours of operation.  Posted hours reflect when staff, paid or volunteer, is present.

o Access for Church members who are under 18 years of age will be during posted hours of operation or when accompanied by their parents.

o Those under 16 will be allowed in during church events or with their parents.

o Access cards and their fees are not applicable to scheduled Church functions or scheduled “open gym” times.

o Any lost, stolen, or broken cards will be replaced at a cost of $10 each.

o No access will be granted on Sundays.

o No access will be granted on Wednesdays from 2PM until 9PM.

o Access may be restricted during special events.

 ? Guests

o Only members of FBCKC who have paid an annual access card fee may bring guests with them according to the following guidelines:

? Guests must arrive during normal office hours of the main church office of FBCKC.

? Only two guests per member at a time.

 ? Guests must register in the office and fill out all appropriate waivers prior to entering the facility.

? Guests may only be present when staff, paid or volunteer, is present.

? A guest may utilize the facility three times (with a church member) before he or she must pay the annual access card fee and be issued an access card to continue using the facility.

? Guests will be given a full packet of information, policies, procedures, and guidelines upon the first visit.

? Guests are to adhere to the same policies and guidelines as members of FBCKC, especially in the areas of dress and behavior. It is the responsibility of the members of FBCKC to explain the guidelines to their guests.

? Due to insurance guidelines, members of FBCKC who bring guests in a manner not consistent with these guidelines may have their access suspended for a time.

o Those simply wishing to tour the Ministry Center may go the church office during normal office hours and staff will be glad to escort them on a tour.

? These policies for guest attendance apply only to those using the facility for fitness purposes. Those attending meetings, scheduled events (i.e. Upward Sports, movie showings, class functions, etc.) are exempt from the guest attendance guidelines.

? Aid

o Members of FBCKC may apply for financial aid to offset the cost of the access card fee.

o The primary form of aid will be that of the participant volunteering time to staff the Ministry Center.

? Fitness Classes

o Fitness classes may be scheduled from time to time. o Some classes may be gender specific.

o Fees separate from the access card fee may be required when joining a class.

o Having an active access card is not required to join a fitness class only.


Any and all usage of the Ministry Center must be consistent with the stated purposes set forth in these policies and must be in line with the stated policies of FBCKC.


? All activities will be scheduled through the Recreation Minister’s office.

? Specific, on-going ministries will have priority scheduling and usage of the facility.

? Groups, classes, or departments seeking use of the facility must fill out an Activities Communication Sheet (found in the church office). Requests will be subject to previously scheduled activities.

? Under most circumstances, the track and exercise room will remain open for normal use during a special use event on the gym floor.

? Organizations outside of FBCKC may occasionally be granted use of the gym for special events. All such requests will be considered by the pastoral staff of FBCKC and will be subject to the “Building Usage Guidelines for Non-Church Related Activities.” This document is available in the church office.

o Usage donation for the gym for church members will be $200.

o Usage donation for the gym for non-church members will be $400 with a deposit of $200 due at the time of the reservation.

o All guidelines for dress and conduct will be followed by any who use the gym under this provision.

o This will be for a maximum of two hours of use.

o The track and exercise equipment room will typically remain open for normal use during most events.

? Due to scheduling of ministries of FBCKC, the gym will not be made available to recreational leagues from outside of FBCKC for games or practices.

? Children who are 6th grade or under must be directly supervised at all times. The responsible party must be within the immediate area of the child. No free roaming of the facility.

? Non-fixed equipment

o Any “general use” equipment must be kept within the facility.

o Some equipment may be checked out at the desk.

o The individual or group who checks out any equipment is responsible for damage or loss due to improper usage.

o Each ministry that regularly uses the Ministry Center and needs specific equipment is responsible for procuring, maintaining, and storing that equipment.


? No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the exercise room.

? No one under the age of 16 is allowed without an adult present.

? Certain pieces of equipment may have age restrictions. Please pay attention to any signs posted on the equipment.

? All movable equipment (i.e. free weights) must be returned to its proper place.

? Free weights must be secured when staff, paid or volunteer, is not present in the facility.

? Do not “bang” or drop weights.

? All equipment (benches, seats) must be wiped down and sanitized after use. Sanitizer and towels are in the exercise room.

? Proper footwear must be worn at all times in the weight room. Shoes should be athletic shoes and have closed toes and a covered heel.

? Equipment in need of maintenance should be reported to the desk or church office immediately. A “Maintenance Request Form” will be available to be filled out and placed in a Communication Box for after-hours reports.

? Personal trainers must be approved by the staff of FBCKC and may not use the facility as part of their business.

? If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment, ASK! Proper use of the equipment is safe use of the equipment. It also ensures longer equipment life and usage for all. ? During busy times please limit your time on any machines to 30 minutes.

? No food, drink, or gum in the exercise room. This is a “WATER ONLY” area. Water bottles must have a top.

? Risky or inappropriate behavior may lead to loss of privileges.


? No one under 14 years old without adult supervision.

? Stay single-file when others are on the track.

? Keep moving when others are using the track. No standing, sitting, or leaning on the rail. Stretching may be done in the corners.

? Slower movers take the inside lane.

? Traffic moves clockwise on M-W-F and counter-clockwise on T-Th-Sat.

? No balls or other sports equipment on the track.

? No racing.

? Nothing may be thrown from the track.

? No food, drink, or gum on the track. This is a “WATER ONLY” area.

? 16 laps roughly equals 1 mile.



? Appropriate athletic footwear is highly recommended for any activities on the gym floor.

? Activities scheduled through the office of the Recreation Minister will have priority over open use of the gym floor. Those using the Ministry Center may not disturb practices, games or scheduled programs.

? Keep all food in the snack area.

? Water and sports drinks are permitted in the gym but must be kept near the walls, out of the playing area.

? No gum is allowed in the gym.

? Be courteous to others who may be using the gym and share the space.

? No climbing or hanging on the basketball goals or nets.


? Those using the Ministry Center are responsible for his/her own belongings. Do not leave valuables in an unsecured locker. FBKC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

? Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis.

? Lockers are for use only during the time a participant is at the facility. Each participant who uses a locker must supply his/her own lock for the locker.

? Locks left on for over 24 hours will be cut off and the contents taken to the church office. If the owner cannot be determined, the contents will be placed in Lost & Found.

? Children should be accompanied by a parent when in a locker room.

? All cell phones/mobile devices must be kept put away while in the locker rooms.


“Lost and Found” will be kept at the main church office. Items will be kept for a period of one month. After one month items will be donated to Blessings Christian Ministry in Reeds Spring.



The following guidelines are for the fitness areas of the Ministry Center. Other areas will have hours dictated by the activities that take place there. Every effort will be made to have the facility open and available at the appropriate times. However, there may be times when the facility may need to close. In such cases, information will be posted on the FBCKC’s Facebook page, Twitter account, and the scrolling sign on Heaven’s Way.


? Church Members

o Church members who have active access cards to the Ministry Center of FBCKC will have access to the fitness areas from 5AM until 10PM with a few noted exceptions.

? The Ministry Center will not be accessible on Sundays.

? Access to the Ministry Center will be closed from 2 – 9 PM on Wednesdays.

o Only two guests per member at a time. Guests must arrive with church members during church office hours and register in the church office. (See also the section on “Guests” under the “Entry, Exit, Access & Participation” heading.)

o The fitness areas of the Ministry Center may close at times when being open will conflict with other ministry activities.

o Use of the Ministry Center of FBCKC is at an individual’s own risk. Staff may or may not be present.

o Please read, understand, and sign the liability waiver that is part of these policies.

? Non-church Members

o Those who are not members of the FBCKC will have limited hours of accessibility to the Ministry Center. Hours will be posted and may be modified from time to time.

o Use of the Ministry Center of FBCKC is at one’s own risk. While staff may be on duty during these times their immediate presence is not guaranteed.

o Please read, understand, and sign the liability waiver that is part of these policies.


The use of the Ministry Center of FBCKC and its equipment is at the risk of the participant. All participants must sign the liability waiver before they can use the facility. FBCKC, its staff, volunteers, or any of its leadership assumes no liability or responsibility for any participant. Participants assume all risk of physical injury while using the facility for recreation or fitness activities. FBCKC does not assume any liability for damage or theft of property or automobiles while participants use the Ministry Center.