A Statement from the ministers of FBCKC

A Statement from the ministers of FBCKC

As ministers of the First Baptist Church Kimberling City, we believe the Bible is completely without error, and is applicable for directing our actions daily as believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We also understand that as ministers, we are called by the Holy Spirit to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

In fulfilling this calling, we shall exhibit complete reliance on our Lord as the ultimate authority and judge of all mankind.

We shall also continue to follow the Bible as the ultimate authority for morality.

Therefore, the recent ruling of SCOTUS on marriage does not change anything regarding how we will do ministry at First Baptist Church of Kimberling City. We will continue to preach and teach the Truth of the Word of God and exalt Jesus.  We believe that man cannot redefine that which he did not create.  We believe the true definition of marriage is found firmly rooted in the Bible. As ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will not perform any marriage ceremony that is not in agreement with our belief, based on what the Bible teaches a marriage is to be, to the best of our understanding.

We will also continue to welcome all sinners who, in peace, want to learn the Gospel, repent of their sins, and come to faith in Christ. At no time will we categorize sin but understand that we all have sinned and need the grace, love, and forgiveness of Christ Jesus. We will minister to all who stand in need of that grace without judgment, bitterness, or hatred, but showing the love that was shown to us in Christ.  All are welcome at the foot of the cross.