Preparation for Revival – Prayer Needs for Revival

Prayer  Needs For Revival


1. Pray for our revival speaker.—Pray for safe travel for him.? Pray for a peace of mind and protection.? Bind Satan from preventing him from coming or distracting him.? Pray that he will be prayed up and confessed up.? Pray that he will be led bythe Spirit and be moved to preach and voice that which God wants him to say.


2. Pray for?our revival worship leader.?Pray for a peace of mind and protection.?.? Pray that he will be prayed up and confessed up.? Pray that he will be led by the Spirit and be moved to sing and lead us through praise that honors God and draws us into worship that pleases Him.


3. Pray for those that may be visitors.? They may not be Christians and may have been telling God NO for decades.? Pray that they will say YES this revival.? Pray that their hearts will be opened to truly hearing and accepting the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.


4. Pray for our church family.?Pray for God to work in their hearts and lives.? Pray that they will repent from their sins and be open to experience a true refreshing from Christ.? Pray that they won’t be just going through the motions of playing church but rather eagerly want to hear a new word from God for their lives.


5. ?Pray for the ushers and greeters.?Pray that they will greet people with a smile and make them feel welcome.  Pray they will have a positive contagious attitude of the love of Christ.


6. Pray for the nursery workers.   Pray that their number be many and their smiles even more. Pray that every family that trusts us with their children will find that their little ones are a high treasure here.  Pray for safety and protection.


7. ?Pray for the families in our church that are struggling.?Pray that they will be drawn to Revival and to find refreshing in their marriage, in their families, their jobs, and in their hearts.?? Pray for them that they will be led to repent of sins and truly be refreshed.? Pray for unity in their marriages and in their homes.


8. Pray for those who are not at peace.  Pray that they may desire and take actions for reconciliation.  Pray that this revival would be one of forgiveness in our fellowship with God and our fellowman.


9.  Pray for a protection of the revival.  Pray that God would place His angels around the church protecting us from all the distraction that Satan will try to bring our way.  Pray our technical crew will find great ease in the working of all technical aspects of the services.


10. Pray with urgency.  Pray that we would see this time of revival as a necessity not a novelty.  Pray that we all will be present, pray, and participate in this great time.  Pray that we each would invite our friends and neighbors and take the necessary time and effort to bring them.