Pat’s Ponderings…


“Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold on the eternal life to which you were called, when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” I Timothy 6:12 (NIV, Copyright 1983)


During the years of my church attendance, I have met many people who seem to want to serve for the cause of Christ but are uncertain where to begin.  They want to do something, but what?? It is scary to volunteer for something not knowing if someone else is already doing that thing, or perhaps someone may resent interference.  “What if I do a bad job?” many wonder.


It is helpful to be asked to do something in the church.  It makes a person feel valued.  Just being noticed is a good feeling.  Of course, sometimes we must say “no” if it is something out of the line of our abilities.  However, when asked by someone, some of the feeling of uncertainty disappears.  Most people feel that the church leaders know needs.  This is especially true of new church members since they are unfamiliar with the “goings on” of the church. Being asked also makes a person feel that someone else has been thinking and perhaps praying.  Many are afraid they are not reading God’s will properly. Being asked is sometimes like having our thoughts confirmed. 


Of course, not all effort for the Lord’s cause has to be done in the church.  God has a plan for each of us and we need to ask for His guidance in finding that plan.  He will guide us if we yield to Him.  Every true Christian has been called to witness to others.  This can be done with our acquaintances and family. It is comforting to know that God equips us with the abilities for what He wants us to do.  Our past experiences also play a part.  Adrian Rogers once said, while giving training for “God’s Invasion Army”, “Don’t embellish your testimony or try to change it in any way.  God allowed the things in your past to happen for a reason.  He uses those things to help others.” Each of us is unique.  Perhaps each of us can reach someone that no one else can reach because of our knowledge from past experiences.


Serving God is exciting!  It is also rewarding.  We are told to “Lay up your treasures in heaven”.  We do that in all of our service to our Lord!


Pat Lamb